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Rumblings of a lunatic

The life and times of Madam A

Madam A and her amazing life!


All about madam A and her sad little life in boston UK!


Skipped Back 20

October 19th, 2009


i dont know why i chose that title but it made me grin! I dont know either where it came from so dont ask, all i know is at the moment i am borrowed net time as the net cafe is being leinent with its 2 hours because i think i am pushing nearly 3 now! our hous still has no nets but this is why i have been hidden away and all that, finally after the august from hell, i am living in my own house! well i say my own me ken and dean are renting it but its a sweet huse, and after much trauma we are finally in, we have had a house party though im sure there will be many many more and i have had reb down in boston, again i am sure there will be many more times now he knows where it is! So my appologies to all i have not died or vanished i am not somewhere remote just without nets!!
Saying that this is the first time i have acctually had chance to say but LAUREN!!! yoo hoo, i still deseratly want to come to the winter event but being with no net, house or contact has made it hard to say i want to attend, please can you say i can come i will pay on the gate if thats cool i want to come play, i know its really late to confirm but as i said i have been kinda stuck.
i think thats about it normal servace will resum in about 2 weeks when we get nets!
love you all #

September 2nd, 2009

the gathering

in short:
Arnie thursday, feeling zee pump, seeing my secondary family, new hair new fellah, the unicorn ride in having my own milltary horse, TRAINING though its on hold! information overload, the gun show,tents surviving, the lewd gingerbread, seeing lester once again (agreed vicky how long has it been) void custard, watching hector get horny, the military being accepting of a scrappy old beastkin :P Crush...face... quacking at the akari, sorry the baaakawwri and i claim hitting lord roan with a bee it may have been thrown by someone else but it bounced off MY ears and into roans face
achie, nearly lost voice, rally still attracts magebolts! nearly dying, the windy thursday, playing pissed off runz, having to dive at the naga because they were taking people away! having to get back to reality

I had an awsome time i am kinda sad that it ended i got to see all my extended family, and spent some quality time with them also got to spend a lot of time with reb and though he called me an angry woman its all gravy baby! though im sure baby gan would have had a better time coming home with me! Yes i nearly died... 30 seconds man! 30 seconds! but in fairness it would have been a good death charding into a mass of naga to stop them taking other people away yeah i could have delt with that though i did stand to live another day.
The unicorns do tend to have a problem with orders though when they are not being shouted by someone who isnt normally giving them, we are working on this though, thou i belive runz's non official stance is if they want to run off and die then let them at the moment, she is not a a happy bunny!! The hilarity of things discussed afther the gathering should be cool too.
i think i may be one of the few people who didnt have a problem with the toilets yes they were messy and bad but then again they are portaloos sadly this sometimes happens
Although still dont get the final battle malarkey. basically it boiling down to edraya says so, oh and whats up with terror, i mean because people lie me decide to spend the osps on being able to stand there and not be afraid. Just means that now we are back to square one. So when it came to look at the stones for the final battle there was fear, repel and then for people like me the terrors kicked out it feels like really in fairness some higher ups dont like players with skills if that makes sence, i mean i could be wrong but its like immunity to fear is like ten osps s it got brought up quickly and now lots of people have it so one had gone "right not having that be immune to fear will you, well have a terror"
grrrr other than that ace event and roll on the winter YEAH

August 11th, 2009

week from hell

i has it, im away at the moment wales, clearing my head with a coffee, safe in the knowledge that all my stuff is in boston. The long and shot of it is me and tom broke up, im single and after ferying my stuff to an from places im in a house and have a bed, so if im spoadic at answeing phone or being online its becasue of that. moot was ace and a high point though love the faction love the support you duck eyed lot!
will talk to you all when i can
loves to all you guys you know who you are
Madam A
no sod it im me now

July 22nd, 2009

shit shit shit

well there are a lot of things going on at the moment in my moon like luna head! A lot of personal crap and a lot of other crap besides, things are up and down like whores draws, those in the know are in the know those who aint , well unless i feel the need to go through things with you in person then well just keep me destracted ok thats all i ask!
Madam A

July 20th, 2009

it had to be done


July 19th, 2009



That is all

July 17th, 2009


I really really do, if only as it seems to laugh like a cackly old woman (ie moi) as you may or may not have noticed me and reb seem to be in love with this guy at the moment and he has genuinly made coffee come out of my nose cause of this

Ahhh youtube is there anything you cant do?
In other news i have a crappy little 7-10 but after will be seeing y'all at kens and looking FAB-U-LOUS in my new dress. I dont know what it its but i think buying yoursellf a dress that makes people think your hawt does wonders for a briused ego! there shall be lots of pictures!!

For those comming see you soon
for those not i will take pics so you can pretend your there
Love you all my darlings
Madam A

July 16th, 2009

Just a few things

Kens birthday i has new dress *SQUEE*
My self confidence is back, thank you, *is grinning*
Going to see harry potter today
*dances* there has to be something really bad with feeling this good... Its going to make me fat isnt it!

July 15th, 2009

Writer's Block: 5//7//5

Sum up your day in the form of a haiku.

as everyone is doing this....

My haiku

Made a mess in work
Have been a very sweaty
Ice cream Soda, Yum!

July 11th, 2009


After the amazing amy and her specialness last night, i am going to buy sam and max volume 2 and tales of monkey island and hide from the world until i compleate them all. This could take years, *glee*
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