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Rumblings of a lunatic

The life and times of Madam A

Madam A and her amazing life!


All about madam A and her sad little life in boston UK!


Skipped Back 10

January 29th, 2010

Ok folkes i havent updated for a while and i am unsure as to why, i guess its because i am lazy when it comes to these things. i have a few good things to share and a few ponderous things too. Ok the good things first, im now typing on my sparklie new computer, it was a gift for my birthday from my rents, the plauge pit is still around, it has too much incriinating evidence on it not to be :P but now i am playing with 'Halfred' he is sparklie. Speaking of my birthday, i had an awsome time. Reb came down to see me for a long weekend which was awsome, i had him all to myself well i wasnt anti social, but i gots mah baby which was lovely!! We spent Friday relaxing, saturday he met my mum and day. Bonus is allways when your pearents seemt to like your fella, and vice versa!! Sunday was my acctuall birthday, i got omlettes made for me, i got moneys and sweeties. Reb got me a limited edition of a perfume that i adore, Special mention goes to the early morning 'craw' of happy birthday from what i presume was vicky, stu and kat. There could be others, it was early and i cant make out craws! Also special mention to rob, for my addition to my chaos army that is super duper, ken and flick for coming to the party and joining in (i may have got flick addicted to flux, and ken may have got everyone else addicted to thunderoad!) mike and clarey, for not only the tamagotchi, (best contraceptive ever, im allowed to have a real baby when i can keep the tamagotchi more than 5 days) and the dvd of music videos, a video of the song that was number one on the 24th of jan from 1985 onwards, most awsome! Of course to stu and kat as well for the brain jelly, it was nyommie, and i will have to make more brains soon!!
Monday we visited robs shop and i painted some of my army while reb played bloodbowl, and tueday i had to put him on a train and let him go back to the wide world of londinium again! All in all a gooooooood birthday, one of the better ones.
It was my 25th birthday for those who didnt know and this has got me pondering. I have been unsure why but i have my suspicions as to why its came about. Most things i would probably feel better discussing with people face to face rather than typing words. Never the less, the pondering has brought me to a few conclutions.1... My dreams have changed drastically over the course of the year. They seem more obtainable now, but they also require a lot more work. 2... Im not a rich person. i think its safe to assume that with the running of the house plus saving , plus the necessity to be in other places now has cut down on my spare cash conciderably as such i have been concidering the possibility of letting LT go. The need to spend roughly 100 quid per event (before you say how, that the rough estimation of pre book, travel, food, drink, money there, other misc ) i mean i could cut it down but still its a lot of cash that i simply dont have any more. There is the idea of knocking down to 1 or 2 mains and a sanctioned but that would mean that i am then seen as more of a fairweather player. People will tell me this isnt so but i know i have seen and quite frankly it may mess up the character. I could system hop but i think if i went strangly enough i would really miss runz, and to be fair i would miss the social side of things as well. Though i see a lot of people ooc now, i dont see everyone. The only other thing is to take a year out and see how i feel after that. I am at a little bit of a standstill at the moment when it comes to playing thats all, needless to say the spring has been on my mind because of all of this too, i mean i could go, im booked off to go but the question remains can i really afford to? The answer, i dont know weather i can justify spending 60 possibly more on 3 days in a tent. The fun side of me has been saying g'waaaan. the logical side says that i could use the money for rent!

Its a pondery i think more than anything.
Anyway i am sure when i update again i would have figured things!

January 6th, 2010


Regarding what i asked in the last post i am thinking seeing as people may do the soscial for nicklemasmasmas and stuff that i shall be holding a games day/night on the 24th not sure when it will start or end for that matter the finer details will have to be aranged... whenever till whenever, we have crash space downstairs and floorspace in the attic but that could well be cold, let me know if people are intrested!!

January 5th, 2010

Birthday and that shizzel

Ok i was thinking of a game/ geekish night on either the 22nd or the 24th of jan, the 24th would be my birthday you see, im thinking tragic, munchkin, rpgs (reb said he may run one we shall see) bad movies and takeaways, there is a little crash space but due to nicklemasmasmas being slap ban in the middle i dont know weather the friday or the sunday would be better. Its a though as i have time off and reb is over in boston, (big bonus) and its about time I had people in the house :P any ideas on which would be better dates, times etc, would people like to run? Answers ona postcard, or comment on this post
Madam A

December 27th, 2009

My xmas and what I dun!

Welly well well, phew im back in boston after whirlwind tour of Brittan and all of its wonders…. Well Stafford and London…
I have to say I have had the warmest and loving winter period I know gushy and a little soppy but it was nice. I arrived in London after much swearing the night before on the Saturday, The snow was feeling my wrath I think so it backed off to let the trains run and after a little trip to Grantham I as in London, I met sascha on the station and we waited for reb, while we were waiting outside we were treated to the delightful ramblings of some guy who was thanking us all for taking the blue pill and joining the matrix… ah London you are full of loopy why I loves yer. After the obligatory face eating from me and reb we left and got to his where we ate, and ate and ate watched films and ate some more. Reb had decorated the tree with a smiley face and we did incredible hulk impressions. Over the next couple of days we watched more films played games like pictionary where apparently drawing a lady garden was appropriate for the word trim >.< and lots of guitar hero which I was the master of and don’t let anyone else say anything differently they are just all jealous of my mad phat skills!! Solstice day was ace reb got me a necklace which he had commissioned and it had a real life bug in it, given rebs phobia I find this the most amazing sweet thing, I got a painted mug from sascha which has me and reb on it and lots of <3 signs and lots of candles and smelly stuff from fant and kym, my room smells of plums which is awesome and also has the added bonus of me getting away with asking people to my room to smell my plums tee hee!! I got reb a zombie to cuddle while I wanst there, some murlocs for kym, sascha a colouring book and fantum got a voyeuristic sushi! We took sascha to the station with moments to spare the day after solstice and went to meet david and luci (old school friends of mine) and her little girl ‘stinkerbell’. After discovering that reb was in fact the child whisperer stinkerbell even gave him one of her chips, after she refused the rest of the table. She was being a cheeky girl, so much so that david did at one point knock a chip out of the three year olds hand! Mean I know but even now I cant stop giggling!
Alas all good things must come to an end and after spending good hour just snuggled I had to leave London to get to Stafford. I got cookies and got on an unfeasibly small train that kept telling us we had arrived at Euston, our destination… even when we were in Milton keans. I met my mum off the station and it THEN began to snow in Stafford. Amy does not heart snow not one bit! Xmas eve we all went out and got drunk, dad nearly started a fight but we all came home after having a little calm down and watched tommy to which we all figured changing the lyrics to contain the words mince pies was an awesome idea. Xmas day was me in my footie jammies on the sofa scoffing chocs that’s really all I did. I did get excited to see rage against the machine on top of the pops for xmas number one and having the sing along bit on made me giggle even more, I bet you all didn’t know this the only lyrics to the song are Killing in the name of … and they stopped the video half way through!!
Boxing day more food, dinner with nan, lots of family time! Which leads me to today and tonight, back to reality. There is cake to be eaten and coffee to be drunk and im on the net, and I have done a load of washing. Roll on my birthday I think. Because 2010 I feel is going to be a Goodyear! Fuck Yeah!

back in boston

will update as soon as i have unpacked and all that shizzel had a good one though xxx

December 18th, 2009

hope to be with reb tomorow

everyone wish the snow doesnt affect the trains for me! *glares at snow* see you all after the xmas time

December 7th, 2009

This generally is for my head not particularly anyone else’s but if I can make public what I am doing then well I can work around work and come see you guys and dolls or something like that!
I shall also edit timings and the suchlike when I have more information and my free time fills up!!
So from today (Monday)
7 (m) Slob about a bit mess around on facebook and do a 4-close at work
8 (t) 12-4 work go store belvoir and check on a letter that has come through our door so I will be in town after four
9 (w) 12-close but have to be in about half 11 because there is a kids party (I think Wednesday will be a sucky day I can feel it already)
10 (th) 4 till close again nothing truly exciting
11 (f) work night out we shall be at the burton for a meal at 7pm onwards but I shall be off all day if people want to do shizzel in the day, also if they are doing things later in the night I may sneak off and go home early this year I cant do another open hungover this makes for a very grumpy amy!
12 (s) 10-4.30 feeling like shit, ahh yes can see it now don’t call me after 4.30 I will be in bed!!
13 (su) nice simple 5-9 I will be human then
14 (m) im guessing work
15 (t) work
16 (w) wok
17 (th) work
18 (f) and more work most probably the close the actual timing I don’t know yet will probably know by Wednesday!!
19 (s) Travel to London get in at about half 2 pick up sascha and go to the rebs home! This is when my Christmas holiday really starts, its all about the family and friends part I shall be on the phone but not able to see a lot of you guys after the 19th
20 (su) day in bed!!
21 (m) solstice. Much foods pressies and goodwill to all!
22 (t) say goodbye to sascha, take her to the station possibly, who knows it’s a magical day
23 (w)sorrowful goodbyes but teemed with happy safe in the knowledge that reb is vcomming to see me for my birthday about a month after! Get train to Stafford get into Stafford just after six go to the rents house and watch some tv and eat chocolates!! Possibly take the prezzies to nan and gran for various people! See how time goes!
24 (th)xmas eve, head out for a meal few drinkies with the folks same old same old
25 (f) the Christmas day slob that’s all that matters
26 (s) meal with nan I think then the night of nothing… is peoples out?
27 (su) home late afternoon, may go around Stafford for a little before I go homeward!
28 (m) work. As I don’t know what shifts I am doing, its just work
29 (t)more work im guessing
30 (w)more work
31 (th) more work probably the night shift or the close as I generally do this having lots of xmas time off

in other news I have been going out a little more now and being (dun dun dun) social. And I have also dyed my hair red…I will get a picture up when photobucket isn’t a spaz!
That is all my lovelies

November 25th, 2009

stuff and noncence

Have done it like this because i know that these get posted on a main site as well and i wanna do an actual journal post!! I will stick it all under a cut as its big Read more...Collapse )

November 24th, 2009

i should go to bed....

but god bless american tv....i cant acctually stop laughing i really cant, its compelling and genius. Part one here, other parts are on yourtube.

November 15th, 2009

Well people I’m back… and having a netgasm as well it would seem. Let’s see I haven’t really spoken on the old LJ for a while for a few reasons mainly because I have haven’t had the net in so long and net café’s are just extortionate! So what have I been doing to cause such an uproar, well lets see what has been happening, as you all have gathered I split with tom and thus didn’t live with him any more so I spent a week at tower street courtesy of ryan and abi then a good month or so living under the roof of matt baffico, both arranged by the delightful miss kitty….Gemma! To which I am eternally grateful, gemz you basically sorted out my life thank you so much!! Well after the august from hell one good thing came out of it and I started seeing reb, as you all have seen! I moved into the new digs in September and am now living still in Boston with dean and ken and I am back on my feet!
So I have been doing a lot of travelling to see the rebel, which has been nice, and working a lot to keep the house afloat which also in a strange way is nice. Things have been constantly moving in the life of me. I have to make one apology winter parliament, after thinking I could make it I really couldn’t what happened was mainly money and the fact I had the illness from hell so I took the clever pill and said that camping in November would have killed me. I am gutted that I missed it, but I managed to get cheep tickets and I went to see reb instead so the blow was softened a little, however the event for all purposes sounded amazing, and it seemed like the type of event I wished I had been at!
So whats on the horizon. Well I don’t know I am content at the moment and as much as 2009 was up and down I think 2010 is going to be a good one.
Looking forward to it all now
Really have got into mewithoutyou at the moment a very odd little band but well worth a listen….
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