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Rumblings of a lunatic



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LONG RANTY and cut for those who are not interested in LT

Ok I have sat here two days after GEF and have slept, worked and caught up with the real world and also peoples opinions, All in all I would say that GEF was a little meh in my opinion. Not that the fantastic battle orientated event was good and fundamentally it worked. I mean personally. I think I have a few major problems myself.
1 Im a 16 point splod and I have been for a while but this is the first event I have actually felt useless. I think its part of my ability to fall over quite quickly , which normally isn’t a problem as its just something I get on with but it more pronounced when the combat characters in the ‘corns now are so lethal. The faction is a refuge of ex NPCs (and don’t get me wrong that isn’t the problem I welcome every new/old player, hell I even have a handful of ex unicorn NPCs in uzzzzzzz) I guess its just there are so many characters in the faction now that are not squishy any more, I kind of feel like I’m a ‘drop in the ocean’. There is that, plus I have a slight downer because I have nothing to get pissed off about in character, well to the point of the naga thing (and yes I know the solution is to jump into some other plot) Plot isn’t always about hitting stuff, I know, but to have a character that hits stuff generally doesn’t help, and as I said before sometimes I don’t even feel like I can hit stuff.
2 I think the unity of the faction is slightly weird, there are lots of little groups that interact and its nice but I also think that there is a little segregation as well, some people don’t seem to bother collectively to be unicorns. I’m sure that everyone is happy to role-play with everyone and I’m sure that if it’s a case of tooling up as a faction everyone will be there though there is a slight undertone that I have noticed at least of a lot of people expectation the unicorns to be like every other faction in the heartlands, and a few slightly snide comments when people don’t think anyone is listening or the hint we should aim to be more like x faction kinda stings. I mean I have not been in the faction as long as some people but I have seen it grow considerably, Hell when we had our black moot and everyone thought the faction was done for , the unicorns picked up and brushed themselves up and now its as if people seem to know better because ‘that’s what they did where they came from’, or that’s the general message.
3 if you have a year off you may as well come back as a new character, that’s all im saying on the matter.
4. Though it was player led, some how the idea of going to GEF and being social and playing games was compleatly destroyed and that kinda sucked too!
5 The Roman thing…
Well as with most people, I don’t feel like the unicorns were going to do well in togas and fighting lines but s far as structure goes then ok. But I think people need to remember we are a refugee camp for groups that found our way together. To say we are anything but ‘other’ doesn’t work.
Keep the structure and legions etc and as long as it doesn’t go further than that it should be fine
On the good news point I really enjoyed some of the interaction that happened and its good to know people are keeping the faith of the way it should be, with all that I shall do a very short hots and nots.

HOT - Tappers concert and the subsequent night of songs and stories, that was a night that was worth it, and it was a really pleasant history lesson… more of this please! Giving out A.R.S.E. names!
NOT - Having that uncomfortable feeling surrounded by tarantulas and vipers, whilst me and Morgan made sure that tribe members on their back were not getting up.
HOT- seeing everyone once again, having quality time and laughs with people
NOT - weather nuff said
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