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Rumblings of a lunatic

Leaving do i dont think i will bother

Leaving do i dont think i will bother

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Hello everybodies
It’s a slightly quick but interesting update, I have been weighing up the pros and cons for ‘leaving do‘. As you all know I’m leaving to a new life in London in 11 days. Some people have suggested a night out and a leaving do, and you know what even though my final shift is a day shift and I have a whole 5 days free, a night in Boston to say goodbye, doesn’t seem so appealing. I love all my friends dearly but really its BOSTON firstly secondly I don’t wanna go boozing I don’t like the places we go and getting out lot together is like herding cats. So I have Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Friday night free. Then I have Saturday the 24th till Tuesday the 27th free but there will be gratuitous amounts of packing and going a little mental on those days. Come and see me before I go if you need to say goodbye, if not well there is the internet and phone and lets face it people its not like I shall never see any of you again ever is it. My darlings we always have LARP! So I shall be on a train Wednesday sompoint sneeking off like a thief in the night!
Until then
Madam A
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