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Rumblings of a lunatic

Leaving do i dont think i will bother

Leaving do i dont think i will bother

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Hello everybodies
It’s a slightly quick but interesting update, I have been weighing up the pros and cons for ‘leaving do‘. As you all know I’m leaving to a new life in London in 11 days. Some people have suggested a night out and a leaving do, and you know what even though my final shift is a day shift and I have a whole 5 days free, a night in Boston to say goodbye, doesn’t seem so appealing. I love all my friends dearly but really its BOSTON firstly secondly I don’t wanna go boozing I don’t like the places we go and getting out lot together is like herding cats. So I have Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Friday night free. Then I have Saturday the 24th till Tuesday the 27th free but there will be gratuitous amounts of packing and going a little mental on those days. Come and see me before I go if you need to say goodbye, if not well there is the internet and phone and lets face it people its not like I shall never see any of you again ever is it. My darlings we always have LARP! So I shall be on a train Wednesday sompoint sneeking off like a thief in the night!
Until then
Madam A
  • I would like have some kind of goodbye thing, even if it's just you coming round for bad wine and games of Munchkin with me and Kat before you head off and we see each other once or twice a year if we are lucky in a busy field. I'd even offer to cook dinner! :)
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