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Rumblings of a lunatic

Little Update

Little Update

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Spent a few weekends with reb which was acctually realy nice, we did the non valentines day firstly which was lovely, nice meal lots of snuggles (sick i know) We even both made the effort and dressed up, we totally did the grown up thing. But to balence it put we went round the dinosaur unleashed thing. They had lie sized dinosaurs that reacted to you touching them and whe you took pictures the flash made them blink. Vey awsome. This time i went to a forsaken and a requium game, met some new people was very quite and snotty been suffering from the cold from hell, still have it really but in my genius i have moved the computer to next to the bed so i can be lazy and not have to leave the duvet for a while. Though i do need to sort washing and have a drink soon.
So its back to the normal life of boston, i dont even feel like its the normal life any more you know, its more along the lines of im just here now, nothing is homely and i dont like the place any more, the people here, i mean my friends of course, i dont mean that i want to leave them but boston and the rest of it i just dont want any more, i just want to get things over with pack up my stuff and have it be august. I wants to be a londoner NOW!! *has a hissy fit*
roll on august!
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