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Rumblings of a lunatic

My xmas and what I dun!

My xmas and what I dun!

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Welly well well, phew im back in boston after whirlwind tour of Brittan and all of its wonders…. Well Stafford and London…
I have to say I have had the warmest and loving winter period I know gushy and a little soppy but it was nice. I arrived in London after much swearing the night before on the Saturday, The snow was feeling my wrath I think so it backed off to let the trains run and after a little trip to Grantham I as in London, I met sascha on the station and we waited for reb, while we were waiting outside we were treated to the delightful ramblings of some guy who was thanking us all for taking the blue pill and joining the matrix… ah London you are full of loopy why I loves yer. After the obligatory face eating from me and reb we left and got to his where we ate, and ate and ate watched films and ate some more. Reb had decorated the tree with a smiley face and we did incredible hulk impressions. Over the next couple of days we watched more films played games like pictionary where apparently drawing a lady garden was appropriate for the word trim >.< and lots of guitar hero which I was the master of and don’t let anyone else say anything differently they are just all jealous of my mad phat skills!! Solstice day was ace reb got me a necklace which he had commissioned and it had a real life bug in it, given rebs phobia I find this the most amazing sweet thing, I got a painted mug from sascha which has me and reb on it and lots of <3 signs and lots of candles and smelly stuff from fant and kym, my room smells of plums which is awesome and also has the added bonus of me getting away with asking people to my room to smell my plums tee hee!! I got reb a zombie to cuddle while I wanst there, some murlocs for kym, sascha a colouring book and fantum got a voyeuristic sushi! We took sascha to the station with moments to spare the day after solstice and went to meet david and luci (old school friends of mine) and her little girl ‘stinkerbell’. After discovering that reb was in fact the child whisperer stinkerbell even gave him one of her chips, after she refused the rest of the table. She was being a cheeky girl, so much so that david did at one point knock a chip out of the three year olds hand! Mean I know but even now I cant stop giggling!
Alas all good things must come to an end and after spending good hour just snuggled I had to leave London to get to Stafford. I got cookies and got on an unfeasibly small train that kept telling us we had arrived at Euston, our destination… even when we were in Milton keans. I met my mum off the station and it THEN began to snow in Stafford. Amy does not heart snow not one bit! Xmas eve we all went out and got drunk, dad nearly started a fight but we all came home after having a little calm down and watched tommy to which we all figured changing the lyrics to contain the words mince pies was an awesome idea. Xmas day was me in my footie jammies on the sofa scoffing chocs that’s really all I did. I did get excited to see rage against the machine on top of the pops for xmas number one and having the sing along bit on made me giggle even more, I bet you all didn’t know this the only lyrics to the song are Killing in the name of … and they stopped the video half way through!!
Boxing day more food, dinner with nan, lots of family time! Which leads me to today and tonight, back to reality. There is cake to be eaten and coffee to be drunk and im on the net, and I have done a load of washing. Roll on my birthday I think. Because 2010 I feel is going to be a Goodyear! Fuck Yeah!
  • Me and sis downloaded it :D was so happy that it made it to Number 1! You could see the unhappiness in the presenter's face, which made it ever more worth it :D
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