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Rumblings of a lunatic

The rest of the year according to Amy

The rest of the year according to Amy

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am i Normal?
This generally is for my head not particularly anyone else’s but if I can make public what I am doing then well I can work around work and come see you guys and dolls or something like that!
I shall also edit timings and the suchlike when I have more information and my free time fills up!!
So from today (Monday)
7 (m) Slob about a bit mess around on facebook and do a 4-close at work
8 (t) 12-4 work go store belvoir and check on a letter that has come through our door so I will be in town after four
9 (w) 12-close but have to be in about half 11 because there is a kids party (I think Wednesday will be a sucky day I can feel it already)
10 (th) 4 till close again nothing truly exciting
11 (f) work night out we shall be at the burton for a meal at 7pm onwards but I shall be off all day if people want to do shizzel in the day, also if they are doing things later in the night I may sneak off and go home early this year I cant do another open hungover this makes for a very grumpy amy!
12 (s) 10-4.30 feeling like shit, ahh yes can see it now don’t call me after 4.30 I will be in bed!!
13 (su) nice simple 5-9 I will be human then
14 (m) im guessing work
15 (t) work
16 (w) wok
17 (th) work
18 (f) and more work most probably the close the actual timing I don’t know yet will probably know by Wednesday!!
19 (s) Travel to London get in at about half 2 pick up sascha and go to the rebs home! This is when my Christmas holiday really starts, its all about the family and friends part I shall be on the phone but not able to see a lot of you guys after the 19th
20 (su) day in bed!!
21 (m) solstice. Much foods pressies and goodwill to all!
22 (t) say goodbye to sascha, take her to the station possibly, who knows it’s a magical day
23 (w)sorrowful goodbyes but teemed with happy safe in the knowledge that reb is vcomming to see me for my birthday about a month after! Get train to Stafford get into Stafford just after six go to the rents house and watch some tv and eat chocolates!! Possibly take the prezzies to nan and gran for various people! See how time goes!
24 (th)xmas eve, head out for a meal few drinkies with the folks same old same old
25 (f) the Christmas day slob that’s all that matters
26 (s) meal with nan I think then the night of nothing… is peoples out?
27 (su) home late afternoon, may go around Stafford for a little before I go homeward!
28 (m) work. As I don’t know what shifts I am doing, its just work
29 (t)more work im guessing
30 (w)more work
31 (th) more work probably the night shift or the close as I generally do this having lots of xmas time off

in other news I have been going out a little more now and being (dun dun dun) social. And I have also dyed my hair red…I will get a picture up when photobucket isn’t a spaz!
That is all my lovelies
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