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Rumblings of a lunatic

The life and times of Madam A

Madam A and her amazing life!


All about madam A and her sad little life in boston UK!


June 1st, 2011


LONG RANTY and cut for those who are not interested in LT
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April 5th, 2011

So im not dead

Its crazy to have this LJ i still hold on to it but for the life of me i dont know why because i seldom update the dam thing, but i refuse to kill it off as its a source of life archive.
So hello to all you bloggers this is me i bid you all a good evening, and would like to say hello.
Which i have done twice.
Im sure i shall update, soon... i promise,
but today i just want to tell you im not dead!
Love peace and all that jazz

July 22nd, 2010


After the slight meh post before i may have had my arm twisted and i may be out tomorow for a little while so come to the axe or something, I shall be there for a few hours!
Madam A

July 17th, 2010

Hello everybodies
It’s a slightly quick but interesting update, I have been weighing up the pros and cons for ‘leaving do‘. As you all know I’m leaving to a new life in London in 11 days. Some people have suggested a night out and a leaving do, and you know what even though my final shift is a day shift and I have a whole 5 days free, a night in Boston to say goodbye, doesn’t seem so appealing. I love all my friends dearly but really its BOSTON firstly secondly I don’t wanna go boozing I don’t like the places we go and getting out lot together is like herding cats. So I have Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Friday night free. Then I have Saturday the 24th till Tuesday the 27th free but there will be gratuitous amounts of packing and going a little mental on those days. Come and see me before I go if you need to say goodbye, if not well there is the internet and phone and lets face it people its not like I shall never see any of you again ever is it. My darlings we always have LARP! So I shall be on a train Wednesday sompoint sneeking off like a thief in the night!
Until then
Madam A

June 18th, 2010

I am alive

So the rumours aint true, my death hasn't happened dear lj. im about just have had a few things on my plate what with the house and one thing and another, but me and the reb are going veiwing tomorrmow to see a flat in stratford (the london one) so cross everything for us!!
Speak soon my sweets when i have things to tell you
mwah madam a
(the xbox widow)

April 28th, 2010

Update of sorts

Dear LJ.
Hi how are you and all that business, so its LARP season, and I am not going as I have stated, it fills me with a little sadness to be honest, I mean I came back from London and was so out of the loop that I actually asked ken who’s event it was that he was packing for. it’s a little sad and I will miss the four mains but I know there is no way that I will get to them. So I will tell you all good luck, don’t die, I’ll miss you all and don’t get into trouble while I have gone! Me and reb shall hopefully be back for the winter, if not the spring, just don’t forget about us! :P
To combat the fact I will miss the LARP season I have started playing IOD games with reb so in the space of 3 months I have started playing 5 other games. Vampire, werewolf, Changeling, Mage and Promethean. My brain may have melted a little over the influx of gaming, and to be honest, though being 80% clueless in character it is all good. Im learning how to play again which is nice too.
In other news the house hunt continueith, we have found some nice places but its too early still to put money down. I think we have narrowed it down to either moving out to Essex, or heading to East Ham and Stratford area. I think that the latter maybe more feasible for commuting. Either way things are in motion, and the state my room is in with things in bags to chuck and things preparing for packing shows this. I have mentally packed my bags and call this my commute to Boston now.
I basically am working in Boston for between 9-12 days then I go to London for a weekend, (Every 2nd and 4th weekend) Im sure I will catch people between events but its really not long before I go (16 weeks) so im working hard to get there now.
That’s about it now for an update
For those who LARP. Have fun and take my keen to add to yours, for those who don’t, love you like a sistah!
Madam A
P.S. Was looking at nostalgic cartoons with Reb and Fant, all together now EARTH, FIRE, WIND…..

March 10th, 2010

Little Update

Spent a few weekends with reb which was acctually realy nice, we did the non valentines day firstly which was lovely, nice meal lots of snuggles (sick i know) We even both made the effort and dressed up, we totally did the grown up thing. But to balence it put we went round the dinosaur unleashed thing. They had lie sized dinosaurs that reacted to you touching them and whe you took pictures the flash made them blink. Vey awsome. This time i went to a forsaken and a requium game, met some new people was very quite and snotty been suffering from the cold from hell, still have it really but in my genius i have moved the computer to next to the bed so i can be lazy and not have to leave the duvet for a while. Though i do need to sort washing and have a drink soon.
So its back to the normal life of boston, i dont even feel like its the normal life any more you know, its more along the lines of im just here now, nothing is homely and i dont like the place any more, the people here, i mean my friends of course, i dont mean that i want to leave them but boston and the rest of it i just dont want any more, i just want to get things over with pack up my stuff and have it be august. I wants to be a londoner NOW!! *has a hissy fit*
roll on august!

February 26th, 2010


Reb drank my strawberry 'beena!! That is all

February 22nd, 2010

the rumours are true....

Yes i am moving,

Essntially me and reb are moving in together i leave boston the end of august to pastures new, as such i shal be taking a year off larpternity
I will miss you all and as soon as we get settled then you are welcome to visit. Love to you all.

February 8th, 2010

life... an update

Frodo and sam
So it comes to pass, i would like to tell the world that officialy amy has taken stand and is begining to grow up. point 1 i havent smoked for a while in fact since jan 1st i have had 3 and a quarter ciggies. thats the blinding news for the world. the bad ish news is when i say i cant afford LT or LARP this year (see previous post) i really do mean i cant afford. My circumstances have have totally changed in the last 6 months a lot. So i am coming to the conclution my LARP days are very numbered, not in the i quit and i am never coming back way, in the i think i may need a year off, this includes gef the moots possibly outcast and possibly the gathering. I need the money.The reason i need the money now, is partly bills and running this place in boston. Its generally a lot to do with the fact me and reb are currently looking to find a place together, yes it may be renting, or small or anything along those lines but it will be ours. Things have to give, and LT will have to be one of them, watch this space for the events i may attend. I would also like to say no one has upset me or i havent been dis enchanted with playing but scary enough its time to put the grown up hat on now and think about other things. I love you all dearly.
Madam A
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